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[Ita / Tremoloa]
Italian guitarist Alessandro "Asso" Stefana has gall. For his solo debut, Poste e Telegrafi, Stefana treats his guitar like a quarter-piece of the puzzle. He collaborates with six people and avoids the guitar altogether on two of these seven tracks. He alternately employs the 1980s electronics artifact the omnichord, a "strings machine," various African percussion instruments, and vinyl loops to build intricate, subtly shaped substrates for his meticulous, twang-redolent guitar fantasies. Largely because it avoids the solo guitar record template, Poste e Telegrafi is one of the most striking works you'll hear from a young composer all year. His guitar playing is graceful and dexterous, his fluid phrases are precise without feeling stiff. The cast here includes guitar maverick Marc Ribot, Italian songwriter Marco Parente, and Brian Eno/Nick Cave collaborator Leo Abrahams. The ends of Stafana's phrases, though, are about not perfecting the right note, but, instead, letting the assumed resolution arrive slightly altered. The climax, to wit, is one lonesome pedal steel note pushed through a web of effects. It sounds more like Glenn Branca conducting 100 guitars than one being built into something else entirely, like a cathedral carved from a single stone. These are rare talents for someone so young, and, given Poste e Telegrafi, Stefana sounds as if he'll be wielding them among the heavyweights for a long time to come. Rating: 7.8
09/07/20 Milano @ Volvo Studio

09/10/15 Foligno (Pg) @ Spazio Zut, Umbria World Fest, con Julia Kent
31/07/15 Carpi (Mo) con Julia Kent
07/02/15 Cerea (Vr) @ Teatro Aperto di Asparetto (con Julia Kent)
20/02/15 Schio (Vi) @ Chiesa S.Francesco (con Julia Kent)
21/02/15 Rimini @ Primo Piano (con Julia Kent)

18/05/14 Reggio Emilia @ Dinamo
20/06/14 Cesena @ Itinerario Festival 
22/02/14 Rimini @ Neon
23/02/14 Cremona @ Osteria del Fico

07/03/12 Padova @ La Mela di Newton
15/04/11 Castiglion del Lago (Pg) @ Caf 909
16/04/11 Sansepolcro (Ar) @ Kilowatt Spring (+ Vincenzo Vasi)
24/01/11 Prato @ Capanno Black Out
25/01/11 Perugia @ Loop
26/01/11 Senigallia (An) @ Gratis
28/01/11 San Benedetto del Tronto (Ap) @ Pao
03/02/11 Montichiari (Bs) @ Galter
04/02/11 Mogliano Veneto (Tv) @ Filanda Motta
24/03/11 Torino @ Blah Blah
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