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asperity (ˈspɛrɪtɪ) noun (plural) -ties
1. roughness or sharpness of temper
2. roughness or harshness of a surface, sound, taste, etc
3. a condition hard to endure; affliction
4. (physics) the elastically compressed region of contact between two surfaces caused by the normal force

I was thinking about the concept of difficulty. Whether in life or in nature - of conflict, of being troubled. The idea of
friction. Also in geology, an asperity is some part of a faultline that doesnt move which can create an earthquake,
which is quite an evocative concept. Asperities is the fourth solo album by acclaimed Canadian
cellist Julia Kent. As the title suggests, this is a record born of conflict: internal, personal and global. Universal themes.
The build of pressure and the threat of violent release. Modern guilt. Modern fears.
Kent draws from a rich well of emotion, the pieces deceptively rendered, each feeling like a miniature dramatic
epic in its own right sculpted and self-contained. Her work on recent film scores is very much in evidence. While
cinematic in scope, there is nothing as trite as a Hollywood ending here. There is tension and darkness, the edges
cracked and frayed. A lot of the melodic material is based on semitones, Julia elaborates. So in the music there is an
inherent sense of dissonance; that things are too close for comfort. More generally, it seems like a particularly dark
time in the world right now, and I think that definitely had an influence too.
The album was recorded, produced and mixed in its entirety by Julia in her New York studio. This method of working lends the record a sense of isolation that carries a powerful resonance in our modern over-connected world. I really like the autonomy of working alone, she says. I feel that I can transmit something emotionally that I might not be able to if there were someone else involved.
Utilising looped cello, electronics and found sounds, Kent creates a world where the technological and the organic
merge in perfect symbiosis, the layers of sound peeling back to reveal a beating, bloody human heart at its centre. I did
quite a lot of processing of the cello sound and used different electronic textures, she explains of her technique.

 I was trying to get away from the acoustic cello sound and I was trying to get away from the acoustic cello sound and find one that was more textural and more expressive of the
Throughout the plaintive strains of opener Hellebore, the prowling grace of The Leopard, the elegant restraint of Heavy
Eyes and the immersive closer Tramontana, Kents cello evokes romance and loss, a yearning for simplicity. This is the
soundtrack to the transitory nature of life and the inevitability of death.
Vancouver-born and New York-based, Julia Kent rose to prominence with Rasputina and Antony & The Johnsons. Her
extensive rsum includes recent work with Swans, Aidan Baker, Rachel Grimes, Rutger Zuydervelt, Barbara
Morgenstern, Library Tapes and Khan of Finland.
Kent has also composed extensively for film, theatre and dance. Her cinematic work includes the documentaries The
Boxing Girls of Kabul and Rwanda, LImpossible Pardon, American feature A Short History of Decay, short films Doppio
Urlo, and the award-winning Oasis. Her music also was used in Paolo Sorrentinos 2011 film This Must Be The Place. As a
solo artist she has toured extensively in Europe and North America and performed at festivals including Primavera Sound,
Reeperbahn, Unsound, and Meltdown.

Delay (2007)
Green And Grey (2011)
Character (2013)
Asperities (2015)
Temporal (2019)

On Character:
A listening experience of nearly cavernous depth and poetic beauty4/5 AllMusic
This sublime performer has found her true voiceinspiring the possibility that every subsequent album will be her
greatest A Closer Listen

Emotionally and stylistically direct To achieve such directness and freedom of expression through the cello to many
listeners an instrument so closely tied to its past and cultural saturation is no mean feat Dummy
On Green And Grey:

Arguably the prettiest album of the year 4.5/5 eMusic

Kent surrounds a fabric of gorgeous cello melodies with excerpts of burbling brooks and chirping cicadas, letting the
sounds sit closely but distinctly in one same ruminative space. Strangely and surprisingly intimate Pitchfork

Julia Kent plays cello with the painfully bitter sweet pensive finesse for which it was designed The Silent Ballet

Short Bio
After years of playing cello with a myriad of artists and ensembles, Julia Kent retired to her Lower East Side apartment to make a solo record inspired by touring and the disjunctions of travel. Incorporating multitracked cello, omnichord, and field recordings from airports around the world, her "lovely, melancholy," compositions, full of "aching romanticism ... rich melodicism, and detailed arrangements," make up /Delay/, her solo debut, released by Shayo Records in Europe and Important Records in North America.

She has performed solo in Europe, the UK, New York, and Canada, using live looping and effects to create layers of melody and rhythm on the cello. Of her appearance at the Donau Festival in Austria, the Wire said: Cellist Julia Kent's set, in which she sampled and played over herself, was a thing of miniature beauty. Lucid Culture described a recent New York appearance as: "...riveting and frequently cinematic...moving from trippy, echoey and atmospheric to stark and haunting..."
Julia Kent solo

19/09/21 Belluno @ Vertigini Festival
22/09/21 Terni @ Giardini Anfiteatro Baravai
25/09/21 Bari @ Time Zones Festival

15/05/20 Firenze @ Sala Vanni, Tradizione In Movimento RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus
16/05/20 Salerno @ Piccolo Teatro Porta Catena RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus

13/03/20 Firenze @ Sala Vanni, "Tradizione In Movimento" RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus
14/03/20 Salerno @ Chiesa Teatro Portacatena RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus

23/01/20 Catania, Zo, "Partiture"
24/01/20 Cornuda (Tv) @ Tipoteca Italiana

19/07/19 Milano @ Germi
20/07/19 Collestatte (Tr)
23/07/19 Assisi (Pg) @ Universo Assisi
23/05/19 Vicenza @ Festival Biblico c/o dAbar - Corte dei Bissari
24/05/19 Pisa @ Caracol
26/05/19 Corridonia (Mc) @ Klang
27/05/19 Scauri (Lt) @ Mary Rock
28/05/19 Roma @ Spin Time Labs

05/11/18 Torino @ C2C 
09/06/18 Belluno @ Hangar
14/04/17 Bassano del Grappa (Vi) @ Piazza di Brenta
19/04/17 Terracina (Lt) @ "Tracce"
20/04/17 Civitanova Marche (Mc) @ Galleria Cento Fiorini
25/05/17 Pistoia,  BRUMA Vol.II ,Chiesa di San Michele in Cioncio
26/05/17 San Gemini (Tr), Tempio San Giovanni Battista, Degustazioni Musicali
27/05/17 Napoli, Chiesa di S. Maria della Misericordia
30/05/17 Roma @ Angelo Mai (w/ Roseluxx)
03/06/17 Este (Pd) @ Festival delle Basse
24/06/17 Milano @ Terraforma

26/01/16 Milano @ Sacrestia
30/01/16 Reggio Emiilia @ Red Noise
11/03/16 Udine @ Visionario
12/03/16 Cagli (PU) @ Teatro (w/ Paolo Spaccamonti)
15/04/16 Ascoli Piceno @ APP
02/07/16 Montecchio (RE)
07/07/16 San Gimignano (SI) @ Orizzonti Verticali
23/09/16 Parma @ Cubo / Verdi Off

29/09/15 Catania @ Efestiade
09/10/15 Foligno (Pg) @ Spazio Zut / World Umbria Fest (con Alessandro "Asso" Stefana)
14/11/15 Roma @ Circuiterie / Nuovo Cinema Palazzo
19/07/15 Topol @ Stazione Topol
28/07/15 San Gemini (Tr) @ Degustazioni Musicali
31/07/15 Carpi (Mo), con Alessandro Asso Stefana
07/02/15 Cerea (Vr) @ Teatro Aperto di Asparetto (con Alessandro 'Asso' Stefana)
20/02/15 Schio (Vi) @ Chiesa S.Francesco (con Alessandro 'Asso' Stefana)
21/02/15 Rimini @ Primo Piano (con Alessandro 'Asso' Stefana)

20/06/14 Cesena @ Itinerario Festival 
21/06/14 Isola Maggiore (Lago Trasimeno) @ Music for Sunset - CANCELLATO
22/06/14 Sant'Andrea di Suasa (PU) @ Ville e Castella
29/07/14 Terracina (Lt) @ Tracce
0/07/14 Avellino @ Oltre il Giardino
02/08/14 Offagna (An) @ New Evo
06/09/14 Riccione @ Premio Ilaria Alpi

14/11/13 Ferrara @ Zuni, "Collateral" (con Teho Teardo)
15/11/13 Schio (Vi) @ Chiesa S. Francesco
16/11/13 Monza @ Teatrino di Corte della Villa Reale ("Lampi")
21/03/13 Catania @ Palazzo Biscari
19/04/13 Vittoria (Rg) @ Teatro Comunale 
20/04/13 Schio (Vi) @ CSC
21/04/13 Verona @ Chiesa di Santa Maria in Chiavica
25/04/13 Venezia @ Torre di Porta Nuova (Arsenale)
27/04/13 Pistoia @ Teatro Il Moderno
07/02/13 La Spezia @ B-Tomic
17/02/13 Soragna (Pr) @ Nuovo Teatro di Soragna, ore 18

17/11/12 Parma @ Teatro Due
18/11/12 Marostica (Vi) @ Panic Jazz Club
08/08/12 Catania @ Teatro Greco Romano "Efestiade 2012"
16/09/11 Roma @ Init (w/ Lloyd Turner)
17/09/11 Napoli @ Riot Studio (w/ Parallel 41)
13/10/11 Pisa @ Caracol

Julia Kent con Balletto Teatro di Torino
18/01/20 Collegno (To) @ Lavanderia a Vapore

Sonorizzazione di Vampyr (Th. Dreyer) con Paolo Spaccamonti e Ramon Moro
01/02/20 Trento @ Teatro Sanbpolis, "Transiti"
02/02/20 Milano @ Santeria

Sonorizzazione di "C'era una volta", con Paolo Spaccamonti e Stefano Pilia
08/09/17 Massa Carrara
22/01/16 Torino @ Cinema Massimo
23/01/16 Perugia @ PostModernissimo
24/01/16 Viterbo @ Bancovolta
17/07/16 Torino @ Palazzo Reale

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