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Tom Brosseau has announced the release of new album North Dakota Impressions, the 3rdin
a trilogy, following Grass Punk (2014) and Perfect Abandon (2015). The records collectively
take the listener on a journey through Toms homelands full of memories, imaginings,
longings for a place, a home. It's a record full of light and shade, but ultimately hope.
As Tom explains:
"My sense of home is probably the dearest thing I hold. I work to preserve it. I go back into
my memories and dreams of where I grew up and I explore, not as a detective but a
cartographer. Noting each item and each room I am able to keep everything alive, and when
everything is alive it is glorious. So daily I roam through any place or structure I've ever been.
I visit with people that have long since been dead. I sit in a park with my favorite weather.
Think of North Dakota Impressions as the third and final wing of a newer building set off
aways from the old part of the museum. There's plenty of space here to move about, the
light is always just how you want it to be, look and you will find that the dioramas have
shifted ever so slightly in their arrangement each time you pass by.
Album teaser No Matter Where I Roam is a song about finding signs of your home in
unfamiliar places. A Tom explains:"A funny thing happened the first time I performed 'No
Matter Where I Roam, (Ohio, 2012). A man and his wife approached me in the lobby after
the show. They didn't know my name, they didn't know my music. We came for (headliners)
the Punch Brothers, the man admitted. But we're curious. In the song you performed tonight
you sang about sugar beets, and my wife and I thought to ourselves, OK, this kid's gotta be
from North Dakota.
"Everywhere I go I meet someone with ties to North Dakota. For a state that doesn't have a
huge population, and not too many tourist attractions, it sure has an impressive wingspan.
When I mention where I'm from on stage, someone will always find me afterward, and say,
Guess where I'm from.
Tom Brosseau is a North Dakota-born, LA-based songwriter and singer who learned to play
acoustic guitar from his grandmother. He has toured Japan, Canada, Portugal, Iceland,
Australia; performed in bars, backyards, grand halls, subways, theaters, old folks homes;
exchanged songs and poetry with many talented folks, including Susan Orlean, Ramblin Jack
Elliott, Patrick Marber, Bonnie Raitt and the late Sam Hinton. Brosseau also is a featured
performer in John Reilly & Friends with Becky Stark and actor John C. Reilly.
Tom Brosseau on his background: "I grew up with music in the church, in the school, music
at home. I learned a lot of hymnal and folk songs, both traditional and contemporary, and
since I was influenced by what my grandparents listened to, in a sense I studied the singers
and songwriters of the great American songbook.
After moving to Los Angeles in 2003, Brosseau began performing at the renowned club,
Largo, where he met Sara and Sean Watkins. Sean Watkins recorded Brosseaus much
praised 2014 release, Grass Punks and has also recorded North Dakota Impressions.
John Parish (PJ Harvey) produced the 2ndalbum of the trilogy, Brosseaus 2015 album,
Perfect Abandon. Tom and a 3-piece band recorded the album at The Cube theater in Bristol
UK, using only a single mic.
Produced by Sean Watkins in Silverlake and Highland Park, Los Angeles, North Dakota
Impressions is released on 16 September 2016 via Crossbill Records on CD/LP/Digital
(Catalogue number: CBR 038).
4/11/16 Firenze @ Circolo Arci Progresso
5/11/16 Torino @ Folk Club
6/11/16 Bologna @ Nero Factory, "An Easy Night With"
7/11/16 Mantova @ Arci Tom
8/11/16 Roma @ Unplugged in Monti
9/11/16 Napoli @ Teatro Instabile, "Retronuevo V"
10/11/16 Perugia @ Auditorium Santa Cecilia
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