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[Gre-Aus / Bella Union Records]

 When Xylouris White recorded their second album, this most intuitive and inquisitive of duos did what comes naturally to them: expanded their horizons. For George Xylouris, the Cretan lute player who partners here with the Dirty Threes preternaturally fluent Australian drummer Jim White, one aim was to extend a core metaphor of their ruggedly visionary debut album, 2014s Goats. 
Like goats walking in the mountain is Xylouriss poetic analogy for their approach: They may not know the place, but they can walk easily and take risks and feel comfortable. Really, the goats inspired us.
 That exploratory pitch is matched by the majestic Black Peak, named after a mountain top in Crete and, says Xylouris, recorded everywhere. A peak in both artists careers, the album testifies to their determination to stretch the scope of their instruments and forge something vigorously questing from more traditional roots. Where Goats was mostly instrumental, Black Peak gives Xylouriss full-force baritone a lead role. And where Goats was often frisky, its tumultuous, tender and terrifically expressive follow-up drives harder and dives deeper. 

 PJ Harvey has likened Whites playing to dancing....  It took until 2013 for Xylouris and White to form as a duo, a process accelerated when White played with Xylouris and Psarantonis at a Nick Cave-curated All Tomorrows Parties festival in Australia. Just as other parties helped unite them, so the path to Black Peak was trod with support. The producer is Fugazis Guy Picciotto, as on Goats (Xylouris: His enthusiasm and aesthetic bring richness to the proceedings.); the ghostly harmonies on Erotokritos come from Bonnie Prince Billy.
 All these things together, Jim from Australia, me from Crete, Bonnie Prince Billy from Kentucky, Psarantonis from Crete, Guy Picciotto from Washington give us the inspiration of the horizon, says Xylouris. Jim and I travel a great deal and we like to do so. We have been doing that together the past three years, which is what inspired us to think of the horizon. Were still goats, he adds, now on the horizon. On the spectacular Black Peak, Xylouris White show just how far their horizons can stretch.
09/07/19 Faenza (Ra) @ Museo Carlo Zauli, Strade Blu Festiva

11/04/19 Trieste
12/04/19 Schio (Vi) @ CSC
13/04/19 Roma @ Angelo Mai (w/ Ardecore)

14/07/27 Cotignola (Ra) @ Arena delle balle di paglia
16/07/17 Reggio Emilia @ Musei Civici / Sound Museum 2 (a cura di Red noise)
23/08/17 Calitri (Av), Sponz Fest 2017 (concerto all'alba)
03/09/17 Sterpo di Bertiolo: (Ud) @ Villa Colloredo Venier, Musica in Villa
06/09/17 San Sperata (Ca), Arte x arTE, incontro/intervista con i musicisti
07/09/17 Cagliari EXMA
09/09/17 Palau (Or) @ "Isole Che Parlano"Festival

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