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[(Can / Constellation)]

Violinist Jessica Moss is an integral part of the Montreal underground and independent music scene.  Part of the Constellation Records family since it's inception, she is best known as a permanent member of Silver Mt Zion. She was also a founding member of Black Ox Orkestar, has a long-term creative history with Carla Bozulich, and was a key part of Vic Chestnut's albums on the label.
She has collaborated extensively with New York based film maker Jem Cohen and his Gravity Hill project along with Guy Picciotto (Fugazi), Jim White (Dirty Three, Xylouris White) and  Matana Roberts among others.
Jessica is a sought-after guest live and in studio, most recently joining Big Brave for their previous and upcoming releases with Southern Lord, and Zu for their critically acclaimed recent release Jhator out on House of Mythology.
As a solo performer,  she aligns her performances with the tradition of storytelling, eschewing traditional form in favour of durational, multi-movement pieces with a wide scope and emotional depth. 
It's all for love.
"Nothing mattered as she opened things up, drew the curtain back and revealed the stars arranged against the black of infinite space. She was using loops, pedals, effects, she was entirely blowing me away (...)  Needless to say, it wasn't long before the audience had doubled, and was pressed up to the stage, rapt. Jessica Moss solo is a force of nature.
 (Vince Tinguely, CKUT)
Jessica's second studio album "Entanglement", produced by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in My Heart) will come out on Constellation Records in October 2018. 

Pools of Light:

Feature on Jessica in Noisey Magazine:
09/11/18 Milano @ Fondazione Feltrinelli, "A Dictionary of Sound" (w/ Eric Chenaux)
10/11/18 Padova @ Nadir
11/11/18 Avellino @ Godot
22-23/11/18 Ravenna @ Transmissions Festival

04/05/18 Foligno (Pg) @ Spazio Zut
05/05/18 Montecarotto (An) @ Teatro Comunale, "Klang" (double bill con Massimo Pupillo & Stefano Pilia in "Dark Night Mother"    ◉ ╋ ◑ )
06/05/18 Bologna @ Atelier S (double bill con Massimo Pupillo & Stefano Pilia in "Dark Night Mother"    ◉ ╋ ◑ )
07/05/18 Firenze @ Fabbrica Europa (double bill con Massimo Pupillo & Stefano Pilia in "Dark Night Mother"    ◉ ╋ ◑ )
25/9/17 Perugia @ Auditorium Marianum, Degustazioni Musicali
26/9/17 Roma @ Fanfulla
27/9/17 Napoli @ Riot Studio
28/9/17 Genova @ Altrove - Teatro della Maddalena
29/9/17 Bologna @ Nero Factory
30/9/17 Udine @ Cas'Aupa
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