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Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer have worked together since 1991 with film and music in a live setting, performing work
that explores how sound and image interact. Chance elements are embraced; the experiential nature of the work takes
precedent over overt narrative. Attention is paid to things that often go unnoticed, to how close observation can reveal
something new. 
Recent works Sight Unseen and Contre Jour are image and sound, the drone of a guitar string, the flash of film frame,
often in an in-the-round environment. An electric guitar is suspended in the performance space, un-tethered from the
amplifiers, swinging freely like a pendulum. Projection screens are site-specific. Suspended Electric Guitar Phenomena
and film frames interact with live shadow play. There is little separation between audience and performer; any part of the
room might be incorporated into the performance space. The intention is to create a sound and light environment where
the performers and the audience are engaged in an immersive experience, more circular than linear, often in-the-round,
allowing for personal interpretation and perhaps meditation rather than fixed exposition.
06/12/19 Milano @ Fondazione G. Feltrinelli, "Natural Disruptors", a music serie curated by Lee Ranaldo
in: "Contre Jour" Lee Ranaldo, suspended guitar phenomena; film by Leah Singer

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