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Wakeupandream is about music.
In 2002 we started putting up gigs in Napoli and Campania and in 2003 we started organizing tours in Italy. We try to work on/with common sensibilities, passions and interests, in order to pursue quality and pertinency. In other words, we try to set up shows in such places as the artists can best express their music, with promoters that believe in what they (themselves and the musicians) do and in front of an (at least potentially) interested audience; also, we care about the audience and the listening conditions, so we prefer concerts to be held in places where the live event is the main attraction and not something accessory.
We listen to different and diverse kinds of music but obviously some sounds excite us more than others. Before sending your (preferably original) material, please have a look at what we've done and what we are doing: you'll grasp our musical tastes and more generally our cultural interests. Thanks.

Marco Stangherlin, Wakeupandream Promotion & Booking, vico Maddalenella degli Spagnoli 20, 80132, Napoli

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