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[Usa / Kranky]

24/04/20 Firenze @ Sala Vanni, "Tradizione in Movimento"
25/04/20 Napoli @ Retronuevo / Wakeupandream
26/04/20 Ravenna @ Bronson
30/04/20 Catania @ Zò, "Partiture"

16/11/18 Milano, Fondazione Feltrinelli
17/11/18 Riccione (RN), Spazio Tondelli
18/11/18 Roma. Monk
20/11/18 Perugia, Teatro di Figura (w/ Carla Bozulich)

16/03/12 Ravenna @ Teatro Almagià, Transmissions Festival
17/03/12 Napoli @ Riot Studio, "A Casa"
22/03/12 Roma @ Chiesa Evangelica Metodista, C(h)orde

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16/06/20 Bologna @ Arena Puccini
19/07/20 Verucchio (Rn) @ Verucchio Festival
20/07/20 Carpi (Mo) @ Concentrico Festival
27/08/20 Venaus (To) @ Arena delle Alpi
28/08/20 Bollate (Mi) @ Villa Arconati FAR, limited edition 2020
29/08/20 Assisi (Pg) @ Rocca Maggiore, Suoni Controvento
30/08/20 Pistoia @ Fortezza Santa Barbara

06/07/19 Pergine Valsugana (Tn) @ Pergine Festival
11/07/19 Livorno @ Deep Festival

22/09/18 La Spezia @ Teatro Civico, Estate Spezzina
19/10/18 Vasto (Ch) @ Politeama Ruzzi
20/10/18 Bari @ Time Zones Festival
03/07/18 Perugia @ Giardini del Frontone
04/07/18 Genova @ Porto Antico
05/07/18 Avigliana (To) @ Borgate dal Vivo
06/07/18 Galzignano Terme (Pd) @ Anfiteatro del Venda
07/07/18 Fiesole (Fi) @ Teatro Romano
08/07/18 Tivoli (Rm) @ Tivoli Chiama
07/04/18 Cosenza @ Teatro Rendano
28/04/18 Teramo @ Teatro Comunale
29/04/18 Roma @ Nuovo Cinema Palazzo
19/05/18 Belluno @ Teatro Comunale
01/02/18 Pisa @ Teatro Nuovo
02/02/18 Sarzana (SP)@ Teatro degli Impavidi
03/02/18 Terni @ Teatro Secci

19/12/17 Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Sala Petrassi
05/10/17 Bologna @ Teatro IL Celebrazioni
06/10/17 Firenze @ Cenacolo di Santa Croce "Genius Loci"
13/05/17 Anghiari (Ar) @ Teatro di Anghiari
25/05/17 Verona @ Teatro Camploy
14/01/17 Novoli (Le) @ Teatro rinviata
30/01/17 Napoli @ Teatro Bellini
31/01/17 Siena @ Teatro dei Rinnovati
10/02/17 Padova @ Sala dei Giganti
11/02/17 Udine @ Palamostre

22/10/16 Mantova @ Arcipelago Ocno
06/11/16 Riccione (Rn) @ Spazio Tondelli, TTV Festival
07/11/16 Parma @ Teatro delle Briciole, Barezzi Festival
10/11/16 Salerno @ Teatro Augusteo, Linea d'Ombra Festival
10/2/16 Cagliari @ Creuza De Mà
30/06/16 Soliera (Mo) @ Arti Vive
24/07/16  Gardone (Bs) @ Festival del Vittoriale
27/08/16 Flumignano di Talmassons (Ud) @ Musica in Villa 2016 
28/08/16 Torino @ TOdays
11/02/16 Fano (Pu) @ Teatro della Fortuna
12/02/16 Ascoli Piceno @ Auditorium Montevecchi
17/07/15 Roma @ Villa Ada Incontra il Mondo

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[Can / Constellation]

Jerusalem In My Heart (JIMH) has been a live audio-visual happening since 2005, with Montréal-based producer and musician Radwan Ghazi Moumneh at its core. Moumneh is a Lebanese national who has spent a large part of his adult life in Canada and has been a fixture of the Montréal independent music community from his early days as guitarist in various notable 90s bands to his tireless activity as a sound engineer and producer over the last decade. Moumneh is also active in the Beirut and Lebanese experimental music scenes, where he spends a few months every year. 


With performances occurring 1-3 times per year, no two Jerusalem In My Heart events have ever been the same: configurations have ranged from 2 to 24 participants, with varying degrees of theatrical stage action alongside a film/video component. Moumneh's vocals and purposefully blown-out sonic sensibility have been the consistent thread, but the music of JIMH has never repeated itself either – one of the reasons Moumneh has resisted any official documentation or definitive recording of the project over the past eight years. At long last, in 2012 Moumneh ... [read more]

27/03/20 Trento @ Teatro SanbàPolis / Transiti RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus

27/07/19 Pisa @ Caracol
28/07/19 Ortigia @ Ortigia Sound System

21/11/18 Torino @ Cinema Massimo
23/11/18 Verona @ Arci Kroen
24/11/18 Ravenna @ Transmissions Festival
25/11/18 Terlizzi (Ba) @ MAT laboratorio urbano
27/11/18 Avellino @ Cripta del Duomo
29/11/18 Roma @ Spin Time Labs
30/11/18 Milano @ Ex Cinema Aramis

22/10/17 Genova @ Altrove - Teatro della Maddalena
23/10/17 Arezzo @ Karemaski
24/10/17 Roma @ Monk
25/10/17 Napoli @ Chiesa S. Maria della Misericordiella ai Vergini
26/10/17 Bologna @ Locomotiv Club

01.11.16 Padova @ Ex Cinema
03.11.16 Perugia @ Degustazioni Musicali Cinema Zenith
04.11.16 Roma @ Monk Club Roma Europa Festival
05.11.16 Bari @ Cinema Teatro Royal (Time Zones Festival)
08.11.16 Arezzo @ Karemaski
09.11.16 Milano @ Santeria Social Club

08/02/16 Udine @ Visionario
09/02/16 Milano @ Sacrestia

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[Fra / Rephlex, Morphine Records, Marionette]

"Pierre Bastien uses several tiny cameras to project his Meccano-driven contraptions onto a large screen. Although we can see little wheels depressing organ keys, on the screen it seems we are in some giant factory, where machines of unguessable size perform cumbersome operations to pluck at hawsers or vibrate great flapping sheets - in reality rubber bands and strips of paper. Bastien's non-synched looping machines naturally have non-human quality, like an off-kilter African drum ensemble, and this strangeness is further magnified by his carefully layered visual projections. Over the top he plays pocket trumpet phrases drawn from the earliest days of jazz, as if King Oliver is muttering in his ear. But the trumpet is often masked: somehow it plays a baseline like a tuba, or else the mute is jammed into a beaker of bubbling water. On the screen the monochrome Fritz Lang world of relentless Meccano is invaded by a beautiful fountain of blue bubbles. Like a blend of Philip Jeck's heartbreaking turntables and Max Eastley's lost-in-space musical sculptures, Bastien has created an elegant display of genuine musical surrealism. He has been refining his approach ... [read more]
14/02/20 Firenze @ Sala Vanni, "Tradizione in movimento"
15/02/20 Rovereto (Tn) @ Auditorium Melotti, "Musica Macchina"

12/11/18 Milano @ Auditorium San Fedele
25/05/18 Torino @ Jazz Is Dead
01/03/18 Genova @ Teatro Altrove
02/03/18 Mantova @ Cinema del Carbone
03/03/18 Catania @ Zo
18/11/17 Parma @ Barezzi Festival
19/11/17 Cotignola (Ra) @ Teatro Binario
13/05/17 Ascoli Piceno @ Ridotto del Teatro Ventidio Basso APP Ascoli Piceno Present 2017

23/10/15 Bologna @ Mast
27/10/15 Perugia @ PostModernissimo
06/11/15 Bari @ Time Zones
07/11/15 Napoli @ Riot Studio
30/04/15 Firenze @ Cortile di Palazzo Strozzi, Notte Bianca Firenze 2015
23/05/15 Padova @ Cinema Excelsior, "Innesti Urbani"
26/07/15 Brescia @ Musical Zoo

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[Mexico / The Leaf Label]

Brooding electronics and classical sound sources combine in the integrated sound world of Murcof. He is a very modern composer, who utilizes technology to make epic, moving suites of music with a spiritual undertow. He draws on minimalism, post modernism and baroque music to create music that moves the mind and heart. His ear for detail and undulating tempos as well as his sense of space are heightened by the themes of life, death and eternity that his work touches on. Composers such as Arvo Pärt, Henryk Górecki and Giya Kancheli are all suitable comparisons.
His work draws on his childhood exposure to pre-20th century classical music and his passion for electronic pioneers like Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream as a teenager, as well as his experiments in noise with his pre-Murcof doom/avant garde outfit, Elohim. He has released 3 critically acclaimed albums and an EP on The Leaf Label. The groundbreaking album Martes album (2002) is an established classic of minimal electronic composition. All these elements swarm together in his current phase of monumental sound construction which integrates acoustic, analogue and digital elements seamlessly.
Live performances ... [read more]
13/01/20 Milano @ Auditorium San Fedele

29/09/19 Roma, Sala Petrassi, Auditorium Parco della Musica @ Roma Europa Festival (performing "Statea" with Vanessa Wagner)
27/07/19 Lago di Como @ Lake Como Film Festival (Life Observing Life  performing "Etna: A Portrait")
31/01/19 Catania @ Zo (performing "Lost in Time")
11/10/18 Modena (performing "Lost in Time", italian premiere)
27/10/18 Pisa (performing Metropolis soundtrack)

05/11/16 Bari @ Cinema Teatro Royal, TIme Zones Festival, Life Observing Life  performing "Etna: A Portrait"
7/12(16 Padova @ Ex Cinema Life Observing Life  performing "Etna: A Portrait"
27/08/16 Piacenza @ Concorto Festival, Life Observing Life performing "Etna: A Portrait"
19/05/16 Rovereto (Tn) @ Auditorium Melotti (performing Metropolis soundtrack, italian premiere)
26/12/15 Modica (Rg) @ Chvrches Life Observing Life performing "Etna: A Portrait"

15/07/15 Catania @ Castello Ursino nel progetto speciale "Etna: A Portrait" (con visuals di Manu Ros)
28/08/15 Torino @ TOdays Festival, Museo Ettore Fico, feat. Ozmotic

03/01/14 Roma @ Lanificio, "Dance Out"
01/06/13 Modena @ Teatro Storchi, Node Festival (with Simon Geilfus of AntiVj)
20/04/13 Firenze @ Museo Marino Marini - "international Feel"
12/10/12 Valeggio sul Mincio (Vr) @ Teatro Smeraldo
25/07/12 Napoli @ Maschio Angioino - Retronuevo V ("Estate a Napoli") feat. Giovanni Giugliano (Teatro San Carlo)
21/04/12 Salerno @ Linea d'Ombra Festival "Versailles Sessions" (con visuals di Saul Saguatti)
10/09/11 Milano @ Mito "Versailles Sessions" (+ visuals di Saul Saguatti)
11/09/11 Bassano del Grappa (Vi) @ Castello degli Ezzelini - Stile Libero Festival: "Versailles Sessions" (con Saul Saguatti)
30/09/11 Torino @ Teatro Carignano - "Torino Spiritualità"  ("Alla fine di un nuovo giorno", con Michele di Mauro, in coll. con Circolo dei Lettori)
19/11/11 Carpi (Mo) @ CTRL C festival, Teatro Comunale (w/ Peter Broderick, A Classic Education)

25/06/11 Malga Costa, Val di Sella (Tn) @ Artesella ("Alla fine di un nuovo giorno", con Michele di Mauro)
17/03/11 Venezia @ Teatro Fondamenta Nuove (+ visuals di Saul Saguatti
18/03/11 Ravenna @ Teatro Rasi - Transmissions (+ visuals di Saul Saguatti)
16/01/10 Roma @ Brancaleone
11/04/10 Roma @ Auditorium - Meet in Town
15/04/10 Roma @ Teatro Palladium
19/06/10 Montella (Av) @ Convento di S. Francesco a Folloni "Sentieri Barocchi" (performing The Versailles Sessions)
27/06/10 Mantova @ Palazzo Te "Eterotopie"
30/06/10 Ravenna @ Rocca Brancaleone "Ravenna Festival" (with AntiVj)
20/11/10 Bari @ Teatro Kuursal, con "PAINT" di Saul Saguatti)

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[Ita / Clean Feed]

Antonio Raia in “Asylum” (Clean Feed Records)
The tenor saxophone explored to its limits, its voice "undressed from the superfluous" and used as a refuge, a shelter, an “asylum” as the title suggests. 
Conceived and recorded in a 17th century ex-orphanage in the heart of Naples, and retaining all of the volcanic feel, intensity and heart wrenching beauty of the city, "Asylum" is the first work by Raia in three years and sounds as something unique, very different from anything he did before (included his collaborations with the likes of Adam Rudolph, Elio Martusciello, Chris Corsano, Alvin Curran). 
Moving around (and playing with the space between) 10 microphones displaced in the orphanage refectory by sound engineer/electro-acoustic composer Renato Fiorito, Raia's saxophone is raw, impetuous as well as poetic and romantic. His compositions are based on graphic scores or written notes, frequency indications or pure improvisations; in a few episodes he deals with the musical tradition of his hometown, offering very personal, almost abstract (and somehow freed of the weight of history), versions of classics "Torna a Surriento" and "Dicitencello Vuje". ... [read more]
Antonio Raia | Renato Fiorito

05/05/20 Pisa @ Caracol  RINVIATO causa coronavirus
31/3/20 Pisa @ Caracol 
7/2/20 Napoli @ Pio Monte della Misericordia - "In Nera Luce"

26/10/19 Bari @ Time Zones Festival, AncheCinema (opening for Colin Stetson)
21/06/19 Rovereto (Tn) @ Osvaldo Festival
12/05/19 Meldola (FC) @ Area Sismica (Raia Fiorito)
24/05/19 Bucarest @ Green Hours Jazz Fest
26/05/19 Torino @ Jazz Is Dead (Raia Fiorito)

15/11/19 Napoli @ Scugnizzo Liberato
06/07/19 Milano @ Fondazione Feltrinelli "Voices and Borders"
14/04/19 Ancona @  Cinematica Festival, Mole Vanvitelliana (Raia Fiorito Cyop&Kaf)

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A Wakeupndream connection of exclusive songs & special souls vol.1

artwork by cyop&kaf
mastering assistance by Renato Grieco
released July 3, 2020

1. Eric Chenaux - Spring (Jarred) 04:42
2. Evan Lurie - The Lower Room 02:34
3. Califone - Jaco Pastorius 03:43
4. Pan•American - Via dei Tribunali 05:12
5. Teho Teardo - Warburg's Nest 02:53
6. Richard Youngs - Dreamlong Song 02:33
7. Pierre Bastien - Emit Time 04:40
8. Jerusalem In My Heart - Qalouli (They Told Me) 06:06
9. A Hawk and A Hacksaw - Dance from Maramures 02:24
10. Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp - New Trance 10:47

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[Canada / Leaf]

asperity (æˈspɛrɪtɪ) noun (plural) -ties
1. roughness or sharpness of temper
2. roughness or harshness of a surface, sound, taste, etc
3. a condition hard to endure; affliction
4. (physics) the elastically compressed region of contact between two surfaces caused by the normal force

“I was thinking about the concept of difficulty. Whether in life or in nature - of conflict, of being troubled. The idea of
friction. Also in geology, an asperity is some part of a faultline that doesn’t move which can create an earthquake,
which is quite an evocative concept.” Asperities is the fourth solo album by acclaimed Canadian
cellist Julia Kent. As the title suggests, this is a record born of conflict: internal, personal and global. Universal themes.
The build of pressure and the threat of violent release. Modern guilt. Modern fears.
Kent draws from a rich well of emotion, the pieces deceptively rendered, each feeling like a miniature dramatic
epic in its own right – sculpted and self-contained. Her work on recent film scores is very much in evidence. While
cinematic ... [read more]
Julia Kent solo

15/05/20 Firenze @ Sala Vanni, Tradizione In Movimento RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus
16/05/20 Salerno @ Piccolo Teatro Porta Catena RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus

13/03/20 Firenze @ Sala Vanni, "Tradizione In Movimento" RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus
14/03/20 Salerno @ Chiesa Teatro Portacatena RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus

23/01/20 Catania, Zo, "Partiture"
24/01/20 Cornuda (Tv) @ Tipoteca Italiana

19/07/19 Milano @ Germi
20/07/19 Collestatte (Tr)
23/07/19 Assisi (Pg) @ Universo Assisi
23/05/19 Vicenza @ Festival Biblico c/o dAbar - Corte dei Bissari
24/05/19 Pisa @ Caracol
26/05/19 Corridonia (Mc) @ Klang
27/05/19 Scauri (Lt) @ Mary Rock
28/05/19 Roma @ Spin Time Labs

05/11/18 Torino @ C2C 
09/06/18 Belluno @ Hangar
14/04/17 Bassano del Grappa (Vi) @ Piazza di Brenta
19/04/17 Terracina (Lt) @ "Tracce"
20/04/17 Civitanova Marche (Mc) @ Galleria Cento Fiorini
25/05/17 Pistoia,  BRUMA Vol.II ,Chiesa di San Michele in Cioncio
26/05/17 San Gemini (Tr), Tempio San Giovanni Battista, Degustazioni Musicali
27/05/17 Napoli, Chiesa di S. Maria della Misericordia
30/05/17 Roma @ Angelo Mai (w/ Roseluxx)
03/06/17 Este (Pd) @ Festival delle Basse
24/06/17 Milano @ Terraforma

26/01/16 Milano @ Sacrestia
30/01/16 Reggio Emiilia @ Red Noise
11/03/16 Udine @ Visionario
12/03/16 Cagli (PU) @ Teatro (w/ Paolo Spaccamonti)
15/04/16 Ascoli Piceno @ APP
02/07/16 Montecchio (RE)
07/07/16 San Gimignano (SI) @ Orizzonti Verticali
23/09/16 Parma @ Cubo / Verdi Off

29/09/15 Catania @ Efestiade
09/10/15 Foligno (Pg) @ Spazio Zut / World Umbria Fest (con Alessandro "Asso" Stefana)
14/11/15 Roma @ Circuiterie / Nuovo Cinema Palazzo
19/07/15 Topolò @ Stazione Topolò
28/07/15 San Gemini (Tr) @ Degustazioni Musicali
31/07/15 Carpi (Mo), con Alessandro Asso Stefana
07/02/15 Cerea (Vr) @ Teatro Aperto di Asparetto (con Alessandro 'Asso' Stefana)
20/02/15 Schio (Vi) @ Chiesa S.Francesco (con Alessandro 'Asso' Stefana)
21/02/15 Rimini @ Primo Piano (con Alessandro 'Asso' Stefana)

20/06/14 Cesena @ Itinerario Festival 
21/06/14 Isola Maggiore (Lago Trasimeno) @ Music for Sunset - CANCELLATO
22/06/14 Sant'Andrea di Suasa (PU) @ Ville e Castella
29/07/14 Terracina (Lt) @ Tracce
0/07/14 Avellino @ Oltre il Giardino
02/08/14 Offagna (An) @ New Evo
06/09/14 Riccione @ Premio Ilaria Alpi

14/11/13 Ferrara @ Zuni, "Collateral" (con Teho Teardo)
15/11/13 Schio (Vi) @ Chiesa S. Francesco
16/11/13 Monza @ Teatrino di Corte della Villa Reale ("Lampi")
21/03/13 Catania @ Palazzo Biscari
19/04/13 Vittoria (Rg) @ Teatro Comunale 
20/04/13 Schio (Vi) @ CSC
21/04/13 Verona @ Chiesa di Santa Maria in Chiavica
25/04/13 Venezia @ Torre di Porta Nuova (Arsenale)
27/04/13 Pistoia @ Teatro Il Moderno
07/02/13 La Spezia @ B-Tomic
17/02/13 Soragna (Pr) @ Nuovo Teatro di Soragna, ore 18

17/11/12 Parma @ Teatro Due
18/11/12 Marostica (Vi) @ Panic Jazz Club
08/08/12 Catania @ Teatro Greco Romano "Efestiade 2012"
16/09/11 Roma @ Init (w/ Lloyd Turner)
17/09/11 Napoli @ Riot Studio (w/ Parallel 41)
13/10/11 Pisa @ Caracol

Julia Kent con Balletto Teatro di Torino
18/01/20 Collegno (To) @ Lavanderia a Vapore

Sonorizzazione di Vampyr (Th. Dreyer) con Paolo Spaccamonti e Ramon Moro
01/02/20 Trento @ Teatro Sanbàpolis, "Transiti"
02/02/20 Milano @ Santeria

Sonorizzazione di "C'era una volta", con Paolo Spaccamonti e Stefano Pilia
08/09/17 Massa Carrara
22/01/16 Torino @ Cinema Massimo
23/01/16 Perugia @ PostModernissimo
24/01/16 Viterbo @ Bancovolta
17/07/16 Torino @ Palazzo Reale

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[Uk / Domino]

On "2020", Dawson introduces us to grand themes through small lives. His are portraits of human beings struggling with recognisable (and dare we say it, relatable) concerns, conflicts and desires, each reminding us that tragedy and gallows humour are not mutually exclusive, and that the magical can sit next to the mundane. Lyrically it is by far Dawson’s hardest-hitting and unflinchingly honest album to date. It is his poetic masterwork.
Within, we find disgruntled civil servants dreaming of better days, anxiety-addled joggers listlessly searching Zoopla for houses they cannot afford in their spare time, amateur footballers who think they’re Lionel Messi and beleaguered pub landlords battling rising floodwaters.
Here is life, in all its strange and wonderful ways.
TOUR RIMANDATO (per misure coronavirus)
comunicato ufficiale qui

27/2/20 Ravenna @ Bronson  
28/2/20 Trento @ Teatro SanbàPolis, "Transiti"
1/3/20 San Costanzo (PU) @ Teatro della Concordia, "Klang. Altre musiche, altri spazi"
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[(Ita, Specula Records)]

Teho Teardo in "Ellipses dans l’harmonie. Lumi al buio"

Teho Teardo: chitarra baritona, elettronica
Giovanna Famulari: violoncello
Laura Bisceglia: violoncello
Ambra Chiara Michelangeli: viola

14/4 Firenze @ Spazio Alfieri RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
15/4 Rivoli (To) @ Circolo della musica RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
16/4 Ravenna @ Bronson RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
17/4 Mestre (Ve) @ Argo16 RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
18/4 Milano @ Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus

11/3/20 Milano @ Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
12/3/20 Mestre (VE) @ Argo 16 RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
13/3/20 Ravenna @ Bronson RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
15/3/20 Roma @ Angelo Mai RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
17/3/20 Firenze @ Teatro Puccini RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
18/3/20 Genova @ Claque RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus
19/3/20 Rivoli (To) @ Circolo della Musica RINVIATA per decreto coronavirus

last update: 07/05/2020 16:45:35
[Ita / Specula Records]

Teho Teardo in Music for Wilder Mann
Teho Teardo - chitarra baritona, autoharp, electronics
Laura Bisceglia, Giovanna Famulari - violoncello
Ambra Chiara Michelangeli - viola

10/07/19 Bagnacavallo (Ra) @ Chiostro S. Francesco, "Terrena"
05/04/19 Breno (Bs) @ OltreConfine
23/01/19 Firenze @ Spazio Alfieri
24/01/19 Roma @ Angelo Mai
25/01/19 Mestre (Ve) @ Argo 16
26/01/19 Carpi (Mo) @ Mattatoio
27/01/19 Milano @ Santeria Social Club
23/08/18 Calitri (Av) @ Sponz
25/08/18 Musica in Villa, Friuli
27/10/18 Torino @ Museo del Cinema

12/04/14 Sangemini (Tr) @ Suoni in Chiostro*
16/05/14 Forlì @ Ipercorpo*
19/06/14 Milano @ Ex O.P. Paolo Pini "Da vicino nessuno è normale"*
06/09/14 Terracina (Lt) @ Tracce*
09/02/14 Pisa @ Lumière*
21/02/14 Catania @ Zo*
22/02/14 San Vito di Leguzzano (Vi) @ Csc*
23/02/14 Verona @ Chiesa di Santa Maria in Chiavica*
14/11/13 Ferrara @ Zuni, "Collateral" (+ Julia Kent)*
06/12/13 Avellino @ Ex Asilo, "Chiedi Asilo"*
07/12/13 Venezia @ Teatro Fondamenta Nuove*
08/12/13 Agliana (Pt) @ Teatro Il Moderno*
21/09/13 Treviso @ Auditorium Stefanini*
21/06/13 Isola Maggiore (Pg) @ Music for Sunset*
22/06/13 Chiesa della Pace di Trarivi di Montescudo (Rn) @ Malafesta*

* Teho Teardo: chitarra baritona, autoharp, elettronica
Martina Bertoni: violoncello 


Teho Teardo in concerto
Teho Teardo - chitarra baritona, electronics
Laura Bisceglia  - violoncello

26/03/20 Palermo, Main Off Festival RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus
27/03/20 Vittoria (RG), Paralleli Sonori RINVIATO per decreto coronavirus

14/09/19 Pontedera (Pi) @ Villa Crastan
13/09/19 Loreto (An) @ Reasonanz
20/07/19 Gavorrano (Gr) @ Cava Ravi Marchi
06/04/19 Montecosaro (Mc) @ Teatro delle Logge
15/02/19 Napoli @ Chiesa S. Caterina da Siena, Retronuevo VI
14/02/19 Catania @ Zo

26/10/18 Gorizia @ Invisible Cities
24/10/18 Marostica (Vi) @ Panic Jazz Club
29/09/18 Cagliari @ Parallel Coast
09/08/18 Carpi (Mo) @ Coccobello
08/08/18 Finale Ligure (Sv) @ Teche Festival

15/12/17 Pisa @ Cantiere S. Bernardo
14/12/17 Torino @ sPAZIO 211
07/10/17 Faenza @ Clandestino
30/07/17 Monte Cucco (Pg), "Suoni Controvento"
18/08/17 Piacenza, Concorto Festival
14/07/17 Cotignola (Ra) "Nell'arena delle balle di paglia"

14/11/15 Roma @ Accademia Americana
26/04/15 Marostica (Vi) @ Panic Jazz Club
25/04/15 Roma @ Handmades Festival

30/12/14 Udine @ Kobo Shop ore 18.30
28/12/14 Modica (Rg) @ Cineteatro Aurora, "Churches"


Teho Teardo in concerto
Teho Teardo - chitarra baritona, electronics
Elena De Stabile - violino
Ambra Chiara Michelangeli - viola

07/08/20 Rocca Calascio (AQ) @ Paesaggi Sonori


Teho Teardo in "Le retour à la raison. Musique pour trois film de Man Ray"
Teho Teardo - chitarra baritona, electronics
Elena De Stabile - violino
Ambra Chiara Michelangeli - viola

08/08/20 Sesto al Reghena (Pn) @ Sexto Unplugged

12/09/19 Forlì @ Auditorium San Giacomo / Strade Blu Festival
11/08/19 Taranto @ Cinzella Festival
12/08/18 Fano (PU) @ Rocca Malatestiana
11/08/18 Terlizzi (Ba) @ Chiù Festival
07/07/17 San Gimignano (Si) @ Festival Orizzonti Verticali
17/12/16 Milano @ Fondazione Feltrinelli, "Voices and Borders"
14/12/16 Cotignola (Ra) @ Teatro Binario
03/09/16 Ascoli Piceno @ Auditorium Montevecchi
28/05/16 Bellaria (Rn) @ Bellaria Film Festival
07/02/16 Milano @ Santeria Social Club
31/10/15 Ancona @ Cinematica
26/09/15 Matera @ Notte Bianca
18/09/15 Avellino @ Teatro Gesualdo, Laceno d'Oro
11/09/15 Pisa @ Metarock
27/08/15 Pontenure (PC) @ Concorto Film Festival
22/05/15 Foligno (Pg) @ Young Jazz Festival
29/04/15 Padova @ Cinema Excelsior "Innesti Urbani"
24/02/15 Perugia @ PostModernissimo
07/02/15 Roma @ Maxxi
06/02/15 Torino @ Museo del Cinema
6-7/12/14 Passariano (Ud) @ Villa Manin, "Intorno a Man Ray"


Palazzo Grassi, Venezia, 21-22 aprile 2017
21/04/17 Foyer Teatrino Palazzo Graddi "Sea Change"
22/04/17 Teatrino Palazzo Grassi "Phantasmagorica" (di Teho Teardo e MP5, con la partecipazione straordinaria di Abel Ferrara)


last update: 17/07/2020 23:22:25
[(Usa/Spa, Mute Records)]

Ranaldo and Refree worked together Ranaldo’s last solo album, Electric Trim (Mute, 2017), and soon after the pair returned to the studio to record the follow up they realised that Names of North End Women would become what Ranaldo describes as “the beginning of a new partnership, a new configuration’”.

For one of the greatest guitarists, ranked by both Rolling Stone and Spin, of his generation (Ranaldo co-founded Sonic Youth in 1981) and an artist reinventing traditional flamenco guitar (Refree’s album with Rosalía continues to grow internationally), this is an album that features tracks with little or no guitar. Instead the duo composed using marimba and vibraphone, using samplers, a vintage 2-inch Studer tape recorder and a modified cassette machine Ranaldo had previously used in performances 25 years earlier.

“We were mixing in all these strange analogue sounds from old cassette tapes, dealing with tape hiss; using very new technology and very old technology and mixing them together,” remembers Ranaldo. Elements from a mysterious old tape Ranaldo found spooled on the Studer when he’d bought it years earlier – drum sounds, slamming doors, people talking – formed ... [read more]
18/4/20 Avellino Teatro Partenio
19/4/20 Roma MONK Roma
22/4/20 Pordenone Capitol Pordenone
23/4/20 Civitanova Alta (MC) Teatro Annibal Caro

last update: 15/01/2020 11:53:56
[Ita / Die Schachtel]

20/07/20 Carpi (Mo) @ Concentrico OFF
21/08/20 Fano (PU) @ Bastione San Gallo
03/10/20 Roma @ Roma Europa Festival, Digitalive

Sonorizzazione di "L'uomo con la macchina da presa"
di Stefano Pilia e Paolo Spaccamonti
20/08/20 Ancona, Sconcerti, Mole Vanvitelliana

11/01/20 Bergamo @ Circolo Edoné
17/01/20 Pisa @ Caracol
18/01/20 Milano @ Fucine Vulcano per "Andrà tutto bene vol.5"
20/01/20 Cremona @ Osteria del Fico
21/01/20 Narzole (Cn) @ Out Stack
20/02/20 Catania @ Zò per "Partiture"

23/09/19 Rivoli (To) @ Circolo della musica (W/ Efrim Menuel Menuck & Kevin Doria are Sing, Sinck Sing)
24/09/19 Brescia @ Spettro 
25/09/19 Milano @ Germi - luogo di contaminazione 
26/09/19 Roma @ Klang 
27/09/19 Terracoma @ Tracce (w/ Comaneci)
28/09/19 Avellino @ Godot Art Bistrot
29/09/19 Maglie (Le) @ 0riente
30/09/19 Viterbo @ Allimprovvisoo 
01/10/19 Foligno (Pg) @ Spazio Astra 
10/10/19 Genova @ Teatro Bloser
11/10/19 Asti @ Diavolo Rosso
last update: 17/07/2020 23:38:02

"War-torn industrial, experimental r&b, and visceral ambience are unified under the banner of Military Genius, an audiovisual project that mirrors the political and existential turmoil of our times. Spreading a message of peace amidst the turbulence, Military Genius blends rigid composition and free-form noise, producing abstract, meditative representations of real-life experience."

"Deep Web, the forthcoming debut LP, is a journey into the cosmic night, an exploration of internal conflict beyond sight or sound, a submission to the bliss of pure abandon. Warped piano, piercing guitar, and euphoric saxophone move through a disorienting haze of noise, crashing at each turn from distorted club rhythms to shape-shifting jazz. Altered states of consciousness venture outwards to eventually return home, humbled and spiritually renewed."

"Compiled over 4 years while performing with such acts as N0V3L, Crack Cloud, and Blanka, the first Military Genius record was entirely written, recorded and produced by Bryce Cloghesy and represents an ambitious new point of departure that expands upon previous collaborative works."
14/2/20 Verona @ Arci Kroen
15/2/20 Savona @ Raindogs
17/2/20 Roma @ Le Mura
18/2/20 Pisa @ Caracol
20/2/20 Napoli @ secret show (Retronuevo/Wakeupandream)
21/2/20 Perugia @ T-Trane
22/2/20 Osimo (An) @ Loop
23/2/20 Carpi (Mo) @ Mattatoyo

last update: 13/02/2020 15:08:00
[Usa / Mute]

Lee Ranaldo and Leah Singer have worked together since 1991 with film and music in a live setting, performing work
that explores how sound and image interact. Chance elements are embraced; the experiential nature of the work takes
precedent over overt narrative. Attention is paid to things that often go unnoticed, to how close observation can reveal
something new. 
Recent works Sight Unseen and Contre Jour are image and sound, the drone of a guitar string, the flash of film frame,
often in an in-the-round environment. An electric guitar is suspended in the performance space, un-tethered from the
amplifiers, swinging freely like a pendulum. Projection screens are site-specific. ‘Suspended Electric Guitar Phenomena’
and film frames interact with live shadow play. There is little separation between audience and performer; any part of the
room might be incorporated into the performance space. The intention is to create a sound and light environment where
the performers and the audience are engaged in an immersive experience, more circular than linear, often in-the-round,
allowing for personal interpretation and perhaps meditation ... [read more]
06/12/19 Milano @ Fondazione G. Feltrinelli, "Natural Disruptors", a music serie curated by Lee Ranaldo
in: "Contre Jour" Lee Ranaldo, suspended guitar phenomena; film by Leah Singer

last update: 15/10/2019 23:54:00
[Creta-Australia / Drag City Records]

Jim White and George Xylouris have been friends since Jim's early days in Dirty Three. Their musical
connection goes back to then and led them to start  Xylouris White  in 2013. Since then, they have released
three albums and been touring the world. The Sisypheans is their Drag City debut and fourth release
together. Xylouris White's fourth installment of progressive Cretan lute compositions present the sounds
of the lute, George Xylouris' vocals and Jim White's drums in an open, spacious sound-field. With the
philosophical bent that suits their music's ancient headwaters, Jim and George are meditating on the life of
a traveling musician, Sisyphyan in its repetition, but inspired in an eternal recurrence of themes and
techniques that allow them to climb ever-further into their experience as players.
04/02/20 Pisa @ Caracol
05/02/20 Rivoli (To) @ Circolo della musica
06/02/20 Venezia @ T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Veneto Jazz
08/02/20 Roma @ Angelo Mai

22/11/19 Milano @ Fondazione G. Feltrinelli, "Natural Disruptors", a music serie curated by Lee Ranaldo
23/11/19 Ravenna @ Transmissions Festival

last update: 10/01/2020 13:47:32
[Ita / Tremoloa]
Italian guitarist Alessandro "Asso" Stefana has gall. For his solo debut, Poste e Telegrafi, Stefana treats his guitar like a quarter-piece of the puzzle. He collaborates with six people and avoids the guitar altogether on two of these seven tracks. He alternately employs the 1980s electronics artifact the omnichord, a "strings machine," various African percussion instruments, and vinyl loops to build intricate, subtly shaped substrates for his meticulous, twang-redolent guitar fantasies. Largely because it avoids the solo guitar record template, Poste e Telegrafi is one of the most striking works you'll hear from a young composer all year. His guitar playing is graceful and dexterous, his fluid phrases are precise without feeling stiff. The cast here includes guitar maverick Marc Ribot, Italian songwriter Marco Parente, and Brian Eno/Nick Cave collaborator Leo Abrahams. The ends of Stafana's phrases, though, are about not perfecting the right note, but, instead, letting the assumed resolution arrive slightly altered. The climax, to wit, ... [read more]
09/07/20 Milano @ Volvo Studio

09/10/15 Foligno (Pg) @ Spazio Zut, Umbria World Fest, con Julia Kent
31/07/15 Carpi (Mo) con Julia Kent
07/02/15 Cerea (Vr) @ Teatro Aperto di Asparetto (con Julia Kent)
20/02/15 Schio (Vi) @ Chiesa S.Francesco (con Julia Kent)
21/02/15 Rimini @ Primo Piano (con Julia Kent)

18/05/14 Reggio Emilia @ Dinamo
20/06/14 Cesena @ Itinerario Festival 
22/02/14 Rimini @ Neon
23/02/14 Cremona @ Osteria del Fico

07/03/12 Padova @ La Mela di Newton
15/04/11 Castiglion del Lago (Pg) @ Cafè 909
16/04/11 Sansepolcro (Ar) @ Kilowatt Spring (+ Vincenzo Vasi)
24/01/11 Prato @ Capanno Black Out
25/01/11 Perugia @ Loop
26/01/11 Senigallia (An) @ Gratis
28/01/11 San Benedetto del Tronto (Ap) @ Pao
03/02/11 Montichiari (Bs) @ Galéter
04/02/11 Mogliano Veneto (Tv) @ Filanda Motta
24/03/11 Torino @ Blah Blah
last update: 01/07/2020 10:38:17

Evan Lurie (born 28 September 1954 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American composer and musician. He was a founding member of the band The Lounge Lizards, along with his brother John Lurie.
He has composed music for films and TV programs, including the children's show The Backyardigans, which features a different musical genre in every episode. Other notable productions he has written music for include Joe Gould's Secret (2000) and Steve Buscemi's Trees Lounge (1996).
02/11/19 Bari @ Time Zones Festival
03/11 Vittoria (Rg) @ Sala delle Capriate
07/11/19 Catania @ Zò, "Partiture"

19/05/16 Roma @ Auditorium *
20/05/16 Terni @ Caffé Bugatti, Degustazioni Musicali Umbria *
21/05/16 Milano @ Piano City *

* tour in collaborazione con Ponderosa

10/07/14 Ravenna @ Ravenna Festival (con Sacri Cuori)
14/07/14 Avellino @ Oltre il giardino
06/09/13 Faenza (Ra) @ Museo Zauli, Strade Blu
07/09/13 Mantova @ Arci VIrgilio, Festival della Letteratura
08/09/13 Milano @ Cox 18
12/09/13 Vasto (Ch) @ Teatro Rossetti (con Sacri Cuori)
13/09/13 Napoli @ Riot Studio
14/09/13 Reggio Emilia @ Spazio Icarus

last update: 15/01/2020 17:00:16
[Usa / Mute Records]

Nine new songs recorded in collaboration with Barcelona producer Raul ‘Refree’ Fernandez in New York City and Barcelona between April 2015 and April 2016, with help from many of the players associated with my recent music, and some new friends as well: The Dust – Alan Licht, Steve Shelley, Tim Luntzel are all featured, as are Nels Cline, Kid Millions, and Sharon Van Etten, who sings on 6 songs including a duet with me on ‘Last Looks,’. Six of the nine lyrics on the record were written in collaboration with American author Jonathan Lethem. Cover and album art by Richard Prince.

This album extends the work of my previous two ‘song’ albums and moves into some rich new sonic territories and production techniques, experimenting with electronic beats and samples alongside the live players. I feel it’s the best thing I’ve done, and certainly one of the most inspirational album projects I’ve been involved with.

A feature documentary, HELLO HELLO HELLO : LEE RANALDO : ELECTRIC TRIM, on the year-long making of the album by filmmaker Fred Riedel is now screening at film festivals.

Moroccan Mountains
Uncle Skeleton
Let’s Start ... [read more]
06/03/18 Trento @ Teatro Sanbàpolis - Transiti
07/03/18 Milano @ Magnolia (suppport act: My Cat Is An Alien)

last update: 17/04/2018 18:46:16
[Can / Kranky]

Tim Hecker is a Canadian-based musician and sound artist, born in Vancouver. Since 1996, he has produced a range of audio works for Kranky, Alien8, Mille Plateaux, Room40, Force Inc, Staalplaat, and Fat Cat. His works have been described as “structured ambient”, “tectonic color plates” and “cathedral electronic music”. More to the point, he has focused on exploring the intersection of noise, dissonance and melody, fostering an approach to songcraft which is both physical and emotive. The New York Times has described his work as “foreboding, abstract pieces in which static and sub-bass rumbles open up around slow moving notes and chords, like fissures in the earth waiting to swallow them whole”. His Harmony in Ultraviolet received critical acclaim, including being recognized by Pitchfork as a top recording of 2006. Radio Amor was also recognized as a key recording of 2003 by Wire magazine. His work has also included commissions for contemporary dance, sound-art installations, as well as various writings. He currently resides in Montreal.
in collaborazione con Basemental

23/05/17 Milano @ "Electropark", Teatro Franco Parenti
24/05/17 Rovereto (Tn) @ Auditorium Melotti

23/09/16 Roma @ Quirinetta
03/11/16 Torino @ Club to Club

19/09/14 Padova @ Bastione Alicorno
21/09/14 Foligno (Pg) @ Spazio Zut!

30/11/12 Roma @ Chiesa Evangelica Metodista - C(h)orde
16/03/12 Ravenna @ Transmissions Festival
11/02/12 Parma @ Auditorium del Carmine (pipe organ performance)
05/12/11 Torino @ Blah Blah
06/12/11 Milano @ Spazio 'O
08/12/11 Pisa @ Overflow Caracol


last update: 09/08/2017 12:55:22
[(Uk / 12K)]

17/11/18 Milano @ Fondazione Feltrinelli, "A Dictionary of Sound" (w/ Pan American)

23/03/17 Perugia @ ex Chiesa S. Anna e delle Derelitte
24/03/17 San Lorenzo in Campo (PU) @ Teatro Tiberini, "Klang"
25/03/17 Napoli @ Riot Studio
26/03/17 Lanciano (Ch)  @ La Caltapie
27/03/17 Avellino @ Godot Art Bistrot
29/03/17 San Gemini (Tr) @ Tempio San Giovanni, "Degustazioni Musicali"
30/03/17 Genova @ Teatro Altrove
31/03/17 Roma @ Chiesa Valdese "Unplugged in Monti Church Sessions" (w/ Sodastream)
01/04/17 Firenze @ Sala Vanni
02/04/17 Bassano del Grappa (Vi)


last update: 08/01/2019 19:08:50
[(Can / Constellation)]

Violinist Jessica Moss is an integral part of the Montreal underground and independent music scene.  Part of the Constellation Records family since it's inception, she is best known as a permanent member of Silver Mt Zion. She was also a founding member of Black Ox Orkestar, has a long-term creative history with Carla Bozulich, and was a key part of Vic Chestnut's albums on the label.
She has collaborated extensively with New York based film maker Jem Cohen and his Gravity Hill project along with Guy Picciotto (Fugazi), Jim White (Dirty Three, Xylouris White) and  Matana Roberts among others.
Jessica is a sought-after guest live and in studio, most recently joining Big Brave for their previous and upcoming releases with Southern Lord, and Zu for their critically acclaimed recent release Jhator out on House of Mythology.
As a solo performer,  she aligns her performances with the tradition of storytelling, eschewing traditional form in favour of durational, multi-movement pieces with a wide scope and emotional depth. 
It's all for love.
"Nothing mattered as she opened things up, drew the curtain back and revealed the stars arranged against the ... [read more]
09/11/18 Milano @ Fondazione Feltrinelli, "A Dictionary of Sound" (w/ Eric Chenaux)
10/11/18 Padova @ Nadir
11/11/18 Avellino @ Godot
22-23/11/18 Ravenna @ Transmissions Festival

04/05/18 Foligno (Pg) @ Spazio Zut
05/05/18 Montecarotto (An) @ Teatro Comunale, "Klang" (double bill con Massimo Pupillo & Stefano Pilia in "Dark Night Mother"    ◉ ╋ ◑ )
06/05/18 Bologna @ Atelier Sì (double bill con Massimo Pupillo & Stefano Pilia in "Dark Night Mother"    ◉ ╋ ◑ )
07/05/18 Firenze @ Fabbrica Europa (double bill con Massimo Pupillo & Stefano Pilia in "Dark Night Mother"    ◉ ╋ ◑ )
25/9/17 Perugia @ Auditorium Marianum, Degustazioni Musicali
26/9/17 Roma @ Fanfulla
27/9/17 Napoli @ Riot Studio
28/9/17 Genova @ Altrove - Teatro della Maddalena
29/9/17 Bologna @ Nero Factory
30/9/17 Udine @ Cas'Aupa
last update: 08/01/2019 19:09:01
[Specula Records]

04/05/18 Bergamo @ Druso
05/05/18 Udine @ Teatro Palamostre
06/05/18 Torino @ Hiroshima Mon Amour

04/08/17 Pesaro @ Villa'n'Roll Festival
18/05/17 Bologna @ Locomotiv Club
19/05/17 Trieste @ Teatro Miela
last update: 12/09/2018 14:52:41
[Usa / LM Duplication]

22-26/8/18 Calitri (Av) @ Sponz Festival
27/8/18 San Gemini (Tr) @ Chiostro di San Giovanni Battista, Degustazioni Musicali
28/8/18 Marina di Ravenna (Ra) @ Hana Bi

05/04/18 Genova @ Teatro Altrove
06/04/18 Ravenna @ Bronson
07/04/18 Schio (Vi) @ CSC
08/04/18 San Ginesio (Mc) @ Chiesa SS. Tommaso e Barnaba / Klang (w/ Cesare Basile)
10/05/18 Terlizzi (Ba) @ MAT
11/05/18 Napoli @ Riot
12/05/18 Roma @ Unplugged in Monti / Church Sessions
13/05/18 Padova @ Prossima Corsa, a bordo del tram
14/05/18 Cremona @ Osteria del Fico
last update: 24/09/2018 22:49:03
[(Usa / Dead Oceans)]

Califone plays Roomsound 
15th anniversary reissue & tour

30/5/17 Padova, Summer Student Festival
31/5/17 Firenze, Sala Vanni, Glorytellers
1/6/17 Recanati (An), Teatro Persiani, Klang
2/6/17 Genova, Altrove Teatro della Maddalena
3/6/17 Vadena (Bz), Piazzetta del Castello 
4/6/17 Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn), Supercnema, Strade Blu Festival / Dogville
6/6/17 Terracina (Lt), Tracce
7/6/17 Napoli, Cellar Theory
8/6 17 San Gemini (Tr), Tempio di San Giovanni, Degustazioni Musicali
10/6/17 Roma @ Monk
11/6/17 Guastalla (RE), Handmade Festival


last update: 10/01/2019 14:09:52
[(Usa / Tin Angel, Drag City)]

13/12/18 Milano

31/10/18 Pisa @ Lumière
01/11/18 Foligno (Pg) @ Auditorium S. Domenico
02/11/18 Bari @ Time Zones Festival, Auditorium Vallisa
03/11/18 Roma @ Angelo Mai

23/11/17 Avellino @ Godot Art Bistrot
24/11/17 Roma @ Angelo Mai
25/11/17 Parma @ Borgo delle Colonne
26/11/17 Milano @ secret show
07/07/17 Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn) @ Santarcangelo dei Teatri

last update: 08/01/2019 19:09:46
[(Usa / Constelllation)]

Carla Bozulich's Bloody Claws
trio line up: Carla Bozulich, Don The Tiger, Andy Stecher + special guests

16/11/18 Firenze @ Progresso
17/11/18 Civitanova Marche (Mc) @ Galleria Cento Fiorini
20/11/18 Perugia @ Teatro di Figura
22-23/11/18 Ravenna @ Transmissions
24/11/18 Livorno @ Aurora

Carla Bozulich’s Bloody Claws:
Solo LOW END spinal re-location and song.
Possible special guest

23/9/16 Torino @ Superbudda
28/9/16 Udine @ Visionario
01/10/16 Trieste @ Tetris
2/10/16 Cadoneghe (Pd) @ Villa Da Ponte
6/10/16 Terni @ Mishima
7/10/16 Firenze @ Arci Progresso
8/10/16 Napoli @ Riot Studio
9/10/16 Avellino @ Villa di Marzo

last update: 08/01/2019 19:09:16
[Ita-Uk / Dell'Orso Records]

In life and music, Emma Tricca is an explorer. Just as ‪Davey Graham set sail for Morocco and ‪Vashti Bunyan for the Outer Hebrides in search of their elusive ‪muse, Rome-raised singer-songwriter Tricca has journeyed to London, New York, Texas and further afield to seek the heart of her own music. And like those renowned voyagers, she’s returned with a set of songs that refresh the tired old folk form. Tricca’s new album St Peter – created with a cast of supporting artists including global icon ‪Judy Collins, ‪Sonic Youth’s ‪Steve Shelley and Dream Syndicate guitarist Jason Victor – takes a bracing plunge into the unknown, leaving the folksinger tag far behind with a rolling collection of reverie-inducing raw diamonds.

It was encouragement from ‪Pentangle legend ‪John Renbourn that started Tricca on her lifelong path. An aspiring young player, she met Renbourn after a solo gig in Rome and impressed him with her fresh-cut songs. A move to the UK was inevitable, gigging around folk clubs first in Oxford and later in London, honing her craft as a songwriter and a fingerstyle guitarist. Extended stays in New York and Texas followed, before ... [read more]
Emma Tricca w/band:
Steve Shelley: drums
Jason Victor: guitar
Andrea Garbo: bass

16/06/18 Roma @ Angelo Mai
17/06/18 San Gemini (Tr) @  Chiostro di S. Giovanni Battista / Degustazioni Musicali
18/06/18 Terracina (Lt) @ Tracce
19/06/18 Brescia @  Latteria Molloy
21/'6/18 Marina di Ravenna (Ra) @  Hana-Bi

last update: 12/09/2018 15:20:29

Mary Lattimore (Usa / Ghostly International) is a Los Angeles-based musician who uses her concert grand
harp to conjure up beautifully abstracted forms that evoke a host of memories, landscapes and allusions.
Across a breadth of recordings, collaborations and art commissions her music explores a realm of wordless
narratives and indefinite travelogues, where – with the help of effects and occasional vocals - extended
harp improvisations morph into spectral songforms. In live performance she reveals the impressionist
magic of her chosen instrument, blurring classical technique and ambient electronics to beguiling effect. In
2018 Mary released Hundreds of Days, her second LP on Ghostly International, as well as a collaborative
album with Meg Baird entitled Ghost Forests (Three Lobed).
09/11/19 Milano @ Fondazione G. Feltrinelli, "Natural Disruptors", a music serie curated by Lee Ranaldo
last update: 15/01/2020 17:01:47

Efrim Manuel Menuck – founding member of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion – and Kevin Doria from Growing, Total Life and Hiss Tracts, are now officially a duo. Menuck recruited Doria to help him translate his acclaimed 2018 album Pissing Stars from the studio to the stage, and the pair have been touring under the Efrim Manuel Menuck moniker for the past year (often with Doria’s latest solo project KGD opening the proceedings). They’ve also been co-writing piles of new material, diving deeper into whirling maximalist electronics, still shot through with Menuck’s incantatory singing awash in plaintive distortion and hope.

Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria are SING SINCK, SING presents the first volume of songs forged from this febrile and fertile merger: an antifascist poetics of sound that unspools across five crushing, keening tracks driven by thick sweeping drones and ostinatos, battered by inscrutably searching, ricocheting vocals. Anguish, yearning, and desperate conviction combine in these saturated survivalist electro-hymns, for as long as the power stays on to overload the amplifiers.

23/09/19 Rivoli (To) @ Circolo della Musica (w/ Stefano Pilia)
24/09/19 Roma @ Spin Time Labs
25/09/19 Napoli secret show @ Wakeupandream
26/09/19 Firenze @ Genius Loci Festival

last update: 09/12/2019 19:59:51
[UK / Penny Fiddle Records]

25/05/19 Vicenza @ Festival Biblico

last update: 15/07/2019 18:18:12
[Usa / Ipecac, Exile on Mainstream, Deadverse]

dälek BIO

Veteran agitators Dälek have never been ones to stick within the rigid parameters of genre. A group who seemingly hold the utmost contempt for conservative expectations regarding form, instead pioneering a volatile and timeless strain of hip-hop, drawing as much from My Bloody Valentine as Public Enemy. These practitioners of noise fuelled depravity are back with a whole new album, entitled Endangered Philosophies, their follow up to last years Asphalt for Eden, scheduled to come out via Ipecac Recordings September 1 2017.
With Dälek, the flow has often been usurped by scorched textures, the product of synthetic decay, themes flitting from pungent political rage through to outright Dionysian frenzy. On Endangered Philosophies, the lyrics are more focused and at the forefront than ever before, and MC Dälek's new experiments with rhyme styles and flow makes for a vital concoction. There's no doubt about it, Endangered Philosophies is a work of guttural catharsis, it is a call to arms…

Within the context of the current political landscape, the title Endangered Philosophies certainly brings to mind pertinent issues of moment, notably the rampant rise of anti-intellectualism, ... [read more]
27/07/19 Padova @ Curtarock

last update: 05/09/2019 16:57:54
[Be-Ger / Denovali]

02/07/19 Torino @ Magazzino sul Po
05/07/19 Bologna @ Serre dei Giardini Margherita
07/07/19 Roma @ Half Die Festival
last update: 11/09/2019 11:40:54

She has toured numerous times across the US & UK performing in collaboration with the likes of the BBC, Roundhouse, Amnesty International and more.

An alumna of the Nuyorican Slam Team, she fuses music and poetry through powerfully transparent performances focusing on social inequalities and celebrating love, blackness, and what it means to be woman.

 She is the author of two collections of poetry: the water under the bridge and Mouth Full of Concrete and has several literary projects in the works. Her musical debut, Something Melancholy, has led to her sharing stages with Talib Kweli, Common, Melanie Fiona, Alice Smith and more.  
07/03/19 Bologna, Auditorium Mast, Vie Festival

last update: 07/05/2019 12:18:59
Josephine Foster

Faith and Fate, Destiny and Devotion, Dark Nights and Dazed Illuminations.

Josephine raises a stained-glass lamp and shepherds us spelunking the depths of spirit in this four part double album. Following the flame of her voice are choruses of winged entities (and a space shuttle) that ascend and descend a maze of spirituals: ritual prayers, blues laments, vestal hymns and jubilant benedictions. The edges of the natural world are revolving backdrops from which our narrator perches upon symbolic precipice or saunters desolate snow-blanched forest, exploring eternal themes of mortality and morality, beneath the moon and in occasional dialogue with a mysterious lord of love, an ambiguous mystical figure.

Accompanying herself on guitar, piano, organ, harp & autoharp, this cycle of 18 new songs hearken back to various facets of Foster’s anachronic oeuvre (the esoteric balladry of This Coming Gladness, native rhythms of Blood Rushing, somnambulist waltzes of I’m a Dreamer, the Shaker primitivism of Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead you). Celestial humor and devastating innocence are delivered with contributions from Victor Herrero (lead guitars), Gyða ... [read more]
28/2 Foligno @ Spazio Zut
01/03 Roma @ Angelo Mai
02/03 Firenze @ Circolo Progresso
03/03 San Ginesio (MC) @ Klang

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[Usa / Mute]

An intimate evening in seated venues with Leesinging songs with both electric and acoustic guitars, presenting videos and telling stories from his early days in New York City, his years with Sonic Youth, and more, including Q&A with the audience and selected local moderators at each venue. A chance to open up the concert experience and allow the audience to get up close

05/0/19 Trieste @ Bastione San GIusto
06/07/19 @ Estate a San Salvi, ex Manicomio di San Salvi (Fi)

10/02/19 Osimo (An) @ Klang
11/02/19 Roma @ Unplugged in Monti, Church Sessions
12/02/19 Rivoli (To) @ Circolo della Musica - ex Maison Musique

13/09/18 Pisa @ Cinema Lumiere
14/09/18 Ferrara @ Sala Estense, Effetto K
15/09/18 Bari @ Time Zones Festival
16/09/18 Matera @ Time Zones Festival

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Richard Youngs
[UK / Jagjaguwar, VHF, O Genesis, No Fans]

“Imagine Richard Youngs as the junior member of a cabal of prolific and puritanical English musician­-mystics, including The Fall’s Mark E Smith, Van der Graaf Generator’s Peter Hammill, Martin Carthy and The Clangers’ composer Vernon Elliot, and still his nature will elude you” ­ Stewart Lee, Sunday Times. 

Richard Youngs has been involved with music for most of his life. He discovered the power of the art form by thumping the family piano as an angry 5 year old. In the intervening 45 years he has attempted to harness the same experimental, naive, playful power in his live performances and in all of his 140 releases. This creative openness has led him to explore different musical genres. 

He has performed floor spots at Hertfordshire folk clubs, and worked with members of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He has recorded a modern pop album (‘Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits’), and a score for the BBC SSO (‘Past Fragments of Distant Confrontation’). He was commissioned to write music for the art film ‘The Poor Stockinger, the Luddite Cropper and the Deluded Followers of Joanna Southcott’, and his music has appeared in the 2013 feature film ‘Drinking Buddies’. He is the drum machinist of the Flexibles, ... [read more]
18/11/18 Milano secret show
21/11/18 Napoli @ S. Maria della Misericordia ai Vergini, Retronuevo VI ed.
23/11/18 Ravenna @ Transmissions Festival

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[Swi-Fr-Be-Uk-NL / Red Wig, Les Disques Bongo Joe]

Vincent Bertholet, still resolute, finally realises his old dream of a ‘real’ orchestra. And thus was born the project to expand the known horizon. The orchestra became XXL by assembling accomplices from the first hour, who had never really disappeared from view, and an English string section met along the way.
From now on, they will be 14 on stage. An anniversary tour, prestigious stages and makeshift squats, unrestrained agitation as in the first days, and a larger chorus,more percussive than ever.
The multi-headed Hydra gives voice in concert and the frail stages that host it groan under its weight. Nevertheless, it is in the studio that the foundation of a new adventure is forged. Back to England, in the imposing and magnificent building that houses Real World Studios. After Rotorotor (2014), John Parish is again at the controls.
It’s called Sauvage Formes, a shrewd title, because everything here is as geometric as it is organic. The incisive rhythms, doubled in XXL, trademark of the pack, mingle with the unusually melancholy brass. The guitar riffs express themselves in minimalistic cascades, and since the number of strings has tripled, they allow themselves the luxury of entwining with each other, like a carnal embrace without ... [read more]
28/06/19 Varazze (SV) @ Riviera Festival
29/06/19 Mestre (Ve) @ Alba Festival
30/06/19 Pescara @ IndieRocket Festival 2019 * XVI edizione *
02/07/19 Terni @ Fat Art Garden
03/07/19 Terracina (Lt) @ Tracce
04/07/19 San Gimignano (Si) @ Orizzonti Verticali

27/07/18 La Spezia @ Estate Spezzina
28/07/18 Assisi (Pg) @ Universo Assisi
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[Gre-Aus / Bella Union Records]

 When Xylouris White recorded their second album, this most intuitive and inquisitive of duos did what comes naturally to them: expanded their horizons. For George Xylouris, the Cretan lute player who partners here with the Dirty Three’s preternaturally fluent Australian drummer Jim White, one aim was to extend a core metaphor of their ruggedly visionary debut album, 2014’s Goats. 
“Like goats walking in the mountain” is Xylouris’s poetic analogy for their approach: “They may not know the place, but they can walk easily and take risks and feel comfortable. Really, the goats inspired us.”
 That exploratory pitch is matched by the majestic Black Peak, named after a mountain top in Crete and, says Xylouris, “recorded everywhere”. A peak in both artists’ careers, the album testifies to their determination to stretch the scope of their instruments and forge something vigorously questing from more traditional roots. Where Goats was mostly instrumental, Black Peak gives Xylouris’s full-force baritone a lead role. And where Goats was often frisky, its tumultuous, tender and terrifically expressive follow-up drives harder and dives deeper. 

 PJ Harvey has likened White’s playing to dancing....  It took until ... [read more]
09/07/19 Faenza (Ra) @ Museo Carlo Zauli, Strade Blu Festiva

11/04/19 Trieste
12/04/19 Schio (Vi) @ CSC
13/04/19 Roma @ Angelo Mai (w/ Ardecore)

14/07/27 Cotignola (Ra) @ Arena delle balle di paglia
16/07/17 Reggio Emilia @ Musei Civici / Sound Museum 2 (a cura di Red noise)
23/08/17 Calitri (Av), Sponz Fest 2017 (concerto all'alba)
03/09/17 Sterpo di Bertiolo: (Ud) @ Villa Colloredo Venier, Musica in Villa
06/09/17 San Sperata (Ca), Arte x arTE, incontro/intervista con i musicisti
07/09/17 Cagliari EXMA
09/09/17 Palau (Or) @ "Isole Che Parlano"Festival

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[UK / Mute]

Over the past decade he has released an extensive catalogue of music under different names, while forging ongoing collaborations with musicians, writers and filmmakers such as Neil Hagerty, David Toop and Brady Corbet. He is a prolific visual artist, described by Hans Ulrich Obrist as “one of London's most exciting emerging new artists”.
Most recently Blumberg has been playing and recording at London's Cafe Oto, working intensively with a core group of improvisers consisting of violinist Billy Steiger, saxophonist Seymour Wright, double bassist Tom Wheatley and cellist Ute Kanngiesser.
These regular sessions have culminated in the release of his debut eponymous record Minus on Mute Records (May 2018), accompanied by a companion LP of solos by the key players on the record including Dirty Three's Jim White. Alongside this OTORoku have released a live recording of the group and two discs by GUO, Blumberg's duo with Seymour Wright.

Minus is a powerful and highly personal work, one that weds a free-music ethos to the rawest emotional songwriting. Live the material is radically reimagined from show to show, with a rotating cast of players pushing Blumberg's fragile songforms to their limits.

"a statement of intent ... [read more]
Daniel Blumberg with Billy Steiger & Tom Whatley
15/03/19 Avellino @ Cripta del Duomo
16/03/19 San Costanzo (PU) @ Teatro "La Concordia", Klang
17/03/19 Genova @ Teatro Stradanova
18/03/19 Roma @ Auiditorium Spin Time Labs, Unplugged in Monti
19/03/19 Milano @ Triennale, Fog Festival

22/11/18 Fontanafredda (Pn) @ Astro Club
23/11/18 Ravenna @ Transmissions Festival
24/11/18 Foligno (Pg) @ Spazio Zut
25/11/18 Napoli @ secret venue (by wakeupandream)

Daniel Blumberg solo
05/10/18 Terlizzi (Ba) @ Mat
08/10/18 Roma  @ British School

Trio w/ Billy Steiger (violin) and Tom Wheatley (double bass)
24/05/18 Milano @ Planetario / Wired Next Festival 
28/05/18 Roma @ Unplugged in Monti

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[Can / Constellation]

01/02/19 Venezia @ Teatrino Palazzo Grassi, New Echoes

13/09/18 Perugia @ Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria
09/11/18 Milano @ Fondazione Feltrinelli (w/ Jessica Moss)
23/11/18 Ravenna @ Transmissions

03/05/18 Bologna @ AngelicA Festival Internazionale di Musica

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29/10//18 Padova Jazz Festival

11/03/18 Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN) @ Teatro Lavatoio
21/03/18 Lucca (LU) @ Teatro del Giglio 
10/4/18 Lucca @ Lucca Film Festival Opening Night - "The Art of Music with Anton Corbijn", Parlascio,  Piazza Anfiteatro (LU)
19/04/18 Mestre (Ve) @ Centro Candiani, Indie Voices
20/04/18 Bolzano @ Sudwerk
24/04/18 Pescara @ Summeat Festival, Piazza Aurum 
04/05/18 Bologna (BO) @ Friday Night Blues Club 
05/05/18 Genova @ Spazio Luminello 
06/05/18 Torino @ Citabiunda 
17/05/18 Milano (MI) @ Teatro Nibada 
24/05/18 Roma (RO) @ Na Cosetta 
29/05/18 Brighton (UK) @ Brighton Fringe Festival, Spiegel Tent 
30/05/18 London (UK) @ Jamboree Jazz Club 
02/06/18 Punt Ala @ 151 Miglia Closing Party 
03/06/18 Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rn)
17/06/18 Padova @ Padova Jazz Festival 
23/06/18 Piazza al Serchio @ White Night Festival 
27/07/18 Forlì @ Strade Blu
28/07/18 Pescara @ Enel Energia Tour
02/08/18 Carpi (Mo) @ Coccobello
10/08/18 Corvara in Badia @ Valbadia Jazz Festival 
12/08/18 Noci (Ba) @ AgriCultura Festival
24/08/18 Shrewsbury (UK) @ Shrewsbury Folk Festival 
25/08/18 Shrewsbury (UK) @ Shrewsbury Folk Festival 
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[Ita / Float Records]

Andrea Belfi releases his album with new label Float. Titled Ore, the album places drums at the centre of a deep, hypnotic listening experience, where rhythm is combined with electronic textures and haunting sonic details.

Over the years Belfi has built a sound-world that artfully combines a modest drum set-up with an equally concise electronics component. He has searched long to produce and refine the acoustic timbres of his music, but has now reached a certain point of fulfilment, courtesy of his Saari drum-kit from Finland. Melded seamlessly with the acoustic elements is a Nord modular and sampler. On Ore, Belfi attains a masterful synthesis of these two sonic realms.

Belfi has gained a reputation for his energetic and charismatic performances, both as a solo musician and within numerous collaborations. 2016 saw him tour with Nonkeen, the German three-piece band headed by Nils Frahm. Belfi became an instant highlight at London’s Barbican Centre, lighting the stage with an impressive and explosive drum solo that became one of the most memorable moments from the evening."an inspired and beautifully realised exploration" - Wire Magazine"electronic swirls that blur the edges" - Electronic Sound MagazineTop 5 albums of 2017 selected by Mary Anne Hobbs (#2)Top album of 2017 ... [read more]
solo set
01/12/19 Torino @ OGR Public Program, "Concerto in mostra"
31/05/19 Forlì @ Ipercorpo
14/06/19 Milano @ Fondazione Prada c/o "I Want e You But I Find It Difficult"

Andrea Belfi opening for Thom Yorke's ‘Tomorrow's Modern Boxes’ tour 
02/07 Palladium Cologne DE
03/07 Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt, DE
04/07 Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreux, CH 
07/07 festival Days Off, FR
08/07 festival Days Off, Paris, FR
16/07 Collisioni Festival Barolo, IT
17/07 Villa Manin Codroipo, IT
18/07 Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle Festival Ferrara, IT
20/07 Umbria Jazz ®, Perugia, IT
21/07 Cavea, Rome, IT

September 2019
26th – Laval, Quebec – Place Bell
27th – Toronto – Scotiabank Arena
28th – Pittsburgh – Stage AE
30th – Columbus – Express Live!

October 2019
6th – Atlanta – Fox Theatre
9th – New Orleans – Mahalia Jackson Theatre for the Performing Arts
18th – Berkeley – Greek Theatre
20th – Seattle – Paramount Theatre
21st – Vancouver – Orpheum
22nd – Portland – The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
25th – Santa Barbara – Santa Barbara Bowl
26th – Las Vegas – The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan
29th – Los Angeles – Greek Theatre
30th -  Los Angeles — Greek Theatre

solo set
14/12/18 Bologna, Teatro San Leonardo, "Ombre Lunghe Festival"
22/11/18 Milano @ Linecheck Festival
21/10/18 Bari @ Teatro Palazzo, Time Zones Festival
21/09/18 Fontanafredda (Pn) @ Astro Club, FORMAFree Music Impulse #9
15/09/18 Roma @ Monk
14/09/18 Terracina (Lt) @ Tracce

02/06/18 Milano @ Zuma
27/05/18 Torino @ Jazz Is Dead (in duo con Francesco Donadello)
21/04/18 Catania @ Zo, "Partiture"
20/04/18 Salerno @ Teatro del Giullare
19/04/18 Perugia @ Auditorium di Santa Cecilia, "Sacred Noise"

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[(Usa / Talitres)]

31/01/20 Savona @ Raindogs
last update: 12/06/2020 10:31:32
[Ita / Santeria]

Guitarist. Composer. One of the internationalists of Italian music.
Don Antonio Gramentieri goes from the record producer’s seat to the live stage, from music for movies to theatre to ballet, brewing interesting sounds and vision, re-inventing and re-twisting the wheel of tradition.
Don Antonio has toured the world several times, sat in a recording room with David Hidalgo, Jim Keltner, Marc Ribot and many others, performed as a very special tour companion (and sometimes hired as a record producer) with Richard Buckner, Dan Stuart, Hugo Race Fatalists, Terry Lee Hale, Alejandro Escovedo, JD Foster. Composed scores for Sky/Fox, had songs picked up by VW for commercials, turned knobs and bent strings in studios from his homeland Romagna to anywhere.
29/09/18 Bagnocavallo (Ra)
10/10/18 Milano @ Biko (with Alejandro Escovedo)

18/03/18 Gorizia @ Osteria L'Alchimista
20/04/18 San Lorenzo in Campo (PU) @ Teatro Tiberini, "Klang"
25/04/18 Savona, Resiste, Fortezza del Priamar
21/06/18 Ravenna Festival (solo set)
22/06/18 Prato @ Ex Fabrica
23/06/18 Ravenna Festival (full band + guests)
17/08/18 Campo Soriano, Terracina (Lt), Tracce,
24/08/18 Vitulazio (Ce) @ Mr. Rolly's
25/08/18 Vallo della Lucania (Sa) @ Koi Bistrot
26/08/18 Terlizzi (Ba) @ MAT

28/10/17 Savona, Raindogs
04/11/17 Foligno (Pg), Supersonic
10/11/17 Colle Val d'Elsa (Si), Bottega Roots
11/11/17 Cotignola (Ra), "Selvatico", Convento di San Francesco (SOLO)
17/11/17 Parma, Barezzi Off, Borgo delle Colonne
18/11/17 Cusano Milanino (Mi), Agorà
08/12/17 Verona, Cohen Jazz Club
16/12/17 Vitulazio (Ce), Mr. Rolly's
17/12/17 Alvito (Fr), Teatro Comunale
18/12/17 Cantù, All'1e35 circa
24/12/17 Faenza, Clandestino
30/12/17 Firenze, Circolo Progresso
06/01/18 Terni @ Mishima

16/6/17 Brisighella (Ra), Grotta della Tanaccia, prima ufficiale
9/7/17 Cosenza,
21/7/17 Kotor (Montenegro), Sea Rock Festival
23/7/17 Pusiano - Buscadero Day
27/7/17 San Benedetto del Tronto (Ap), I'Mporto Festival
2/8/17 Marina di Ravenna (Ra), Peter Pan
3/8/17 Talmassons (Ud), Musica in Villa

last update: 08/01/2019 19:10:07

24/04/18 Avellino GODOT ART BISTROT                      
25/04/18 Terni CAFFE' BUGATTI
26/04/18 Roma ANGELO MAI          
27/04/18 Terracina (Lt) TRACCE  
28/04/18 Pesaro Chiesa dell'Annunziata KLANG 
30/04/18 San Giustino (Pg)  BIRRIFICIO ALTOTEVERE
01/05/18 Padova PARCO DELLA MUSICA
02/05/18 Genova TEATRO BLOSER
03/05/18 Bergamo  INK CLUB Nero Rosa
04/05/18 Bologna EFESTO 

last update: 10/01/2019 14:09:06
[(Usa / Sacred Bones, Bella Union)]

20/12/16 Ravenna @ Bronson (opening act: Jess Williamson)
21/12/16 Milano @ Santeria Social Club (opening act: Jess Williamson)

last update: 10/01/2019 11:36:04
[Usa / Sinderlyn]

Jaye Bartell's songs are poetic yet candid and unafraid, formal but also spontaneous. His lyrics leap and land like dancers and are alive. It may not be apparent at first, but Bartell’s songs are exultations that revel in the often unsteady but always moving life, filled with subtle humor and sincere love. Like the epic panorama on the album’s cover by artist Ursula Gullow, Bartell’s songs push out from the fissure between asphalt and clouds – car crashes and kissing, great gulls and stray dogs, friends and enemies, love and hate, all braided, each defining the other. In a Time of Trouble finds Bartell working with expanded instrumentation and more sonic color. Here his vocals have been honed, hardened, and thoughtfully tempered. There is sureness in his delivery, a paradoxical feeling that nothing is urgent despite the grave urgency of a song’s subject matter. In a time of trouble, a wild exultation…

After a full U.S. tour with Kevin Morby in 2016 and a solo tour in Italy in 2017, Bartell returned to his former home of Asheville, NC for a three-week recording session in April 2017. The timing could not have been better, as nearly all of his musician allies from recordings past were either in town or passing through – his longtime and ongoing collaborator, guitar ... [read more]
in duo con Laura Loriga (Mimes of Wine) a tastiera/voce

16/02/18 Padova @ Circolo Nadir (solo show)
17/02/18 Fermo @ Teatro Nuovo di Capodarco - Klang
18/02/18 Perugia @ T-Trane Records
19/02/18 Roma @ Unplugged in Monti


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[(Ger-Usa / Not Two Records, Trost Records)]

Ears Are Filled With Wonder, the debut release from the duo of pedal steel player Heather Leigh and reedist Peter Brötzmann, blows the old adage about improvised music somehow not being best appreciated via the recordings to beautiful pieces. This is a music that demands re-visiting, that seems to alter, slightly, every time it is played, with new details emerging, new relationships of tone and style, new romance, even. Recorded during a mammoth stint in Krakow, Poland where Brötzmann and Leigh played as part of big bands, trios, quartets and duos, this duo performance represents the diamond heart of the sessions, an improvised set that bears little relation to what either of the players have achieved outside of its prodigious gravity. 
We mentioned romance and really Ears Are Filled With Wonder, a play on a line from the poet Kenneth Patchen, showcases the full reach of Brötzmann’s rebel lyricism, his lover man style, now smoky, seductive, late night, now roaring and vibrating with energy. Leigh plays it extremely subtly, sometimes fixing on the most suggestive detail and from there spinning luscious webs of repeat-time bliss that make for some of the most psychedelic and otherworldly settings of strings and horn. Elsewhere the two of them tear the roof off with tactile fuzz and horn ascensions. It’s ... [read more]
19/05/17 Torino @ Ex Cimitero San Pietro in Vincoli, "Jazz Is Deas"
21/05/17 Cadoneghe (Pd) @ Villa Da Ponte 

last update: 10/01/2019 14:10:10

Tom Brosseau has announced the release of new album North Dakota Impressions, the 3rdin
a trilogy, following Grass Punk (2014) and Perfect Abandon (2015). The records collectively
take the listener on a journey through Tom’s homelands full of memories, imaginings,
longings for a place, a home. It's a record full of light and shade, but ultimately hope.
As Tom explains:
"My sense of home is probably the dearest thing I hold. I work to preserve it. I go back into
my memories and dreams of where I grew up and I explore, not as a detective but a
cartographer. Noting each item and each room I am able to keep everything alive, and when
everything is alive it is glorious. So daily I roam through any place or structure I've ever been.
I visit with people that have long since been dead. I sit in a park with my favorite weather.
Think of North Dakota Impressions as the third and final wing of a newer building set off
aways from the old part of the museum. There's plenty of space here to move about, the
light is always just how you want it to be, look and you will find that the dioramas have
shifted ever so slightly in their arrangement each time you pass by.”
Album teaser No Matter Where I Roam ... [read more]
4/11/16 Firenze @ Circolo Arci Progresso
5/11/16 Torino @ Folk Club
6/11/16 Bologna @ Nero Factory, "An Easy Night With"
7/11/16 Mantova @ Arci Tom
8/11/16 Roma @ Unplugged in Monti
9/11/16 Napoli @ Teatro Instabile, "Retronuevo V"
10/11/16 Perugia @ Auditorium Santa Cecilia
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